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How to qualify

To qualify for funding, the girls must be accepted into an accredited university and must complete and application in which they declare their goals after graduation. 

Applicants whose plans include returning to their home community are given preference. 

While being funded their progress is monitored by Rotary through approved Canadian NGOs operation in Africa. Thus we can ensure that all funds are applied and approved.

Candidate Criteria
  • A woman presently resident in Uganda, Kenya or Tanzania.
  • The candidate must be qualified to enter an East African University.
  • Selection process is transparent and is based on the candidate’s academic and social achievements, and their need for support.
  • Academic records must be open to scrutiny.
  • Support will include funds for university fees, texts, accommodation, board and personal living expenses.
  • Preference will be given to candidates not resident in a large urban centre and who are not likely to attend university for financial reasons.
  • Continued funding until graduation is contingent on academic success at the end of each academic year.
  • After graduation, the candidate commits to returning to their home community or a similar environment for a minimum of two years.
  • Personal reports are required at six month intervals, monitored by an agent of the Fund.
  • The agent will emphasize to the applicant that the educational grant can be consider to be a `loan`. If the successful candidate does not complete the conditions of the grant, for reasons the agent believes to be unacceptable, the loan could be called.
  • Funding of each candidate will flow from the Fund through a local charity meeting Revenue Canada Requirements.