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Former Ugandan captive recounts tragic tale -   Grace Acan shares her story during a Rotary event at Bingemans on July 12, 2012.

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Aboke Abductions From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hope By PETER SWEENEY Posted January 24, 2011, St. Joseph’s International Outreach Program

Stolen Angels: The Kidnapped Girls of Uganda written by KATHY COOK, award winning Ottawa journalist  Buy the book at Amazon 

Charlotte, Grace, Janet and Caroline Come Home  By MELANIE THERNSTROM Published: May 8, 2005, New York Times


Caring Partners Global: They are the Charity that manages the Kenyan students.

Children of Hope Uganda: They are the Charity that manages the Ugandan students.

I READ ABC: This is the Charity that worked with Children of hope Uganda before they got their charitable status. All the Aboke Girls as well as another 5-part project were funded though I READ ABC.

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