We have all heard that education makes a difference - educated women make even a greater difference!

Imagine a village with a prosperous future instead of one of extreme poverty. Imagine making the difference between life and death. Or between a town prospering or not. 

It is within your power to help make this difference.

Rotary is the partner you can trust to make that difference - a partner who make sure your donation is put to good use.

Details of the Rotary African Women's Education Fund
History and experience have shown that African women, when properly equipped, are key to the process of African societies evolving to self-sustainability.

African women, who achieve a post-secondary education, are better equipped to provide leadership, mentorship and capacity to build both in their communities and their country.

To provide a fund that will support the postsecondary education of African women who are committed to helping their communities evolve but who would otherwise not be able to pursue education at this level.

Mission Statement
The post-secondary education of an African woman should be encouraged since it has a significant affect both on the individual and her community.